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We are blessed to call this ranch home and we enjoy every minute
of being on the land and living in an agricultural community. 


Frank Borman, former astronaut and aviator, and his son, Fred Borman, began their cattle operation in 1998. They were looking for a new challenge and boy did they find it!  The cattle business is unique in the independence required to manage the land, natural resources and animals. They’ve come to learn that the people involved in the cattle industry are passionate and very committed to caring for their animals and their land. They work hard every day to provide families around the world with the safest, highest-quality beef possible. That too is Circle B’s goal.  

Father and son have a long history of seeking to do the hardest tasks in the shortest amount of time.  Frank Borman’s race to the moon to beat the Russians in the 1960’s is just one example. So…Ranching and raising cattle fit right into their wheelhouse!  

Circle B started in 1998 in Bighorn, MT with a small herd. Within two years we added a second location in Miles City. Soon after, we added acreage for farming and a feedyard in Hysham, MT.

We have been on a steep learning curve and we quickly learned how much we DID NOT know and that inspired and excited us. We sought the advice and input of the best in the business. We learned from and listened to cattlemen that had spent a lifetime in the business and been successful.  We studied those that used cutting edge technology. Now, with 25 years of hands-on experience under our belt, our goal is to preserve the traditions of raising cattle while embracing innovative methods for success.  We strive to maintain the highest standards of animal welfare and land stewardship while raising top-quality cattle and delivering a premier product of Hereford-Angus F-1 cross calves to feedlots across America.   

Once we chose this F-1 cross, we never looked back. We found the Hereford-Angus F-1 cross to have the greatest advantages. Strong, healthy and efficient baldy calves have become a trademark to the Circle B name. 

We purchase our Hereford bulls from Marvin Feddes and his sons, Tim and Dan, of Manhattan, Montana. We purchase quality commercial Angus cows selected under the watchful eyes of Rod Prewitt and Tim Larson of Prewitt and Company in Sidney, Montana. 

Today, we also have a diversified farming operation in Bighorn and Hysham for the sole purpose of growing the feed for our herd.  

We winter our entire herd in Hysham using our 4,300 head feedlot. Our feedlot is used for Circle B cattle ONLY. 

We understand the importance of having a complete vaccination and mineral protocol.  We are under the guidance of Dr. Gary Schieber of Sidney, Montana and spare no expense when it comes to using the best vaccines and the finest mineral in the business. We cut no corners on these important components to raising high quality cattle.  Beef consumers are our ultimate judge and supplying a consistent product they can count on to provide the nutrition and taste every time they choose beef for their eating experience.

We sell our calves each year on the Superior Video Auction and each year our efforts are rewarded by topping the market with the sale of our fancy programmed calves.

These are the programs our calves are certified under:

Strong, healthy and efficient baldy calves have become a trademark to the Circle B name.

Our repeat buyers have become our best advertisement. Their satisfaction is obvious as Circle B’s fancy calves bring premium prices year after year.  

The same high standard that we have invested in our feeder calves has also been invested in our bred heifer program. We will offer this outstanding group on Superior’s Big Horn Classic sale in August. We are confident that the buyers of our bred heifers will become repeat buyers….quality and consistency bring them back year after year!